Make-up Classes

A great opportunity  to learn how to save a fortune when buying your make-up.

Find out which colours suit you and how to apply them for all occasions.

It isn't a party type class, although we do have some cosmetic items for sale. Orders are gratefully received but not expected.

We will come to your home for a one-to-one session or perhaps make a day of it with the girls!

We give unbiased and impartial advice using mostly professional make-up and from many other companies.

Class Structure


Face up to Facts

Myths of the cosmetic industry

Being Realistic About Make-Up

What make-up can do for you

Professional Secrets

Introductions to pre make-up foundations


Shading, highlighting and corrective make-up

Designing the eye

Simplifying and improving eye make-up

Colour made easy

Colour selection, individually advised for day and evening


To last you all day

Exploring Your Make-Up Bag

Learning to use it correctly

Class Prices


One to one Lesson (1.5hrs) - £100

Group of 2/3  - £75pp

Contact us for classes of 4+

How To Book


To book your one to one Make-Up class contact us 

Make up classes are run by 2 of our mobile team and are not held at the studio.

Want to buy a voucher? Please contact us

(E-Vouchers only with bank transfer payment, please do not purchase online studio vouchers for this service)