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Laser Lipo

Going on holiday?

Have a wedding or special occasion coming up?

Feel like you have some stubborn fatty areas or cellulite?

Would you like a slimmer move defined figure?

Laser Lipo is a body contouring treatment that detroys and drains fat cells

• No surgery, No pain, No down time
• Target the areas you most want to improve
• Relaxing, affordable laser technology
• Loose inches from places exercise & diet alone cannot reach
• Improve self-esteem and confidence
• Alternative to traditional Liposuction

Before and After

Brazilian Bum Lift £49.99

Stomach £59.99

Outer thighs £49.99

Inner thighs £39.99

Nerk & chin £29.99

Arms £39.99

Back 59.99

Full body £149.99

Non surgical face lift £54.99

Cellulite treatment – Legs (front or back) £49.99

Cellulite – Bum £49.99

Cellulite legs & bum £79.99

How does non-invasive laser lipo technology work?

Non-invasive laser lipo technology works with a patented cold laser conductor. Originally designed to speed up healing, doctors noticed that the cold laser technology would also liquefy fat cells painlessly. In contract to liposuction, the non-invasive laser lipo does not remove the fat cells , it drains them. the fat can be drained by a healthy persons lymphatic system reducing areas by a few inches each week. The laser lipo works by focusing the cold laser which permeates to the fat cells and triggers the cell membrane to break down and release the fat from the cells.

It is safe, painless and completely non-invasive.

What happens after each treatment?

You can resume normal activities immediately with no down time what so ever. After the treatment it is advised that you do some sort of cardio type activity to move things along and help drain your lymph.

What results can I expect?

Male & Female clients have found that those hard to reduce trouble spots, such as love handles, tummy and saddlebags can be treated quite significantly with just a few treatments.

How To Book


All studio treatments take place in our purpose built beauty studio at 39 New Bridge Street in Exeter.

Clinic dates available monthly, bookings to be made directly with Devontbtaesthetics, deposits taken to secure appointment.

contact us if you have any questions.

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