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Holistic Services

Kirsty holds her healing & Hypnotherapy Clinics every other Wednesday - From 3rd January



About Kirsty Gregory

As part of her comprehensive therapeutic approach to health and wellbeing, Kirsty is here to help you. Kirsty is an accredited Hypnotherapist who also works in the fields of Crystal Healing, Reiki, Relaxation, Mindfulness, and Meditation.

You can truly find out what the power of your mind can accomplish when you take some time for yourself with Kirsty.  


Kirsty is available every other Wednesday 10am - 5pm

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What She offers

Kirstie Holistic services at Changing Faces


Free initial consultation 30-45 minutes 

1 hour session £45 

Weight management, phobias/fears, smoking cessation*, depression and anxiety, pain management, confidence and self-esteem are just some of the subject's hypnotherapy can help you with. Sometimes, we don't really know why we feel the way we feel, Kirsty will incorporate a variety of different techniques to really get to the root cause.  

*stopping smoking is an amazing achievement and will require a maximum of 5 sessions. This can be booked as a block, see Kirsty for more information. 



£35 for 60 minutes 

Using Reiki, Kirsty channels energy into the individual's body through touch, activating the body's natural healing processes and restoring physical and emotional health. Kirsty will also incorporate Reiki Tummo and the Kundalini energy - a very powerful technique in the healing process.

Crystal Healing

£35 for 60 minutes

Treatment with crystals aims to bring balance to the subtle energies of an individual as a whole. During a session, crystals are laid on and around you as they apply their powerful healing techniques. Your body is gently reminded of its own connection to nature and spirit with the benefits of conscious health and wellbeing

Relaxation, Meditation, Mindfulness

£25 for 30-60 minutes

With relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, each session will be tailored to the individual needs of that person. A busy mind and life can have ripple effects on the way we think and feel about ourselves and our lives. It is important now more than ever to really take time for yourself and focus inward. A guided meditation, which will naturally flow into mindfulness and ultimately relaxation, will allow you to enter a profound state of your subconscious and find the answers you have been looking for.  

How To Book


All our treatments take place in our purpose built beauty studio at 134 Fore Street, Exeter, EX4 3AN.

A Fresha Account & valid card payment details are required to make online bookings, no upfront payments are made. Appointments made by phone, email or in studio will be sent text and email notifications to confirm appointments with valid card details.

Fees apply for late cancellations (30%) or no shows (50%) of the booking cost. Please see our full T&C's for more info.

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