Botox & Fillers

Our in house Aesthetician offers a range of anti-ageing and rejuvenating treatments. She has been a registered practitioner for over 40 years and has trained in facial aesthetics for 11 years. Your treatments will be performed in a medical environment to afford you privacy and is spotlessly clean.

Azzalure® - Anti Wrinkle Treatment


Prices from £185

Azzalure® has been used safely and effectively for over sixty years to treat many medical disorders. Muscle relaxing injections are now commonly used to smooth away lines and wrinkles on the face with amazing results. It may sometimes create lift over the eye area and helps provide a youthful glow.


This treatment aims to

Smooth lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead

Create lift over the eye

Slow down to prevent facial lines and wrinkles appearing

Provide a youthful glow

Azzalure® Botulinum treatments are generally used to relax the facial muscles. These treatments can also be used to reduce excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

What to Expect

Prior to any injections any make up will be removed and the skin disinfected. Your practitioner will then study your facial muscles to see how they work and individuals differ. The injections should be painless and the treatment should take no longer than 15 minutes.

There is no down-time and you can return to usual activities immediately. Your practitioner will tell you more about how to look after your skin following your treatment and also give you a leaflet.

Treatment takes up to two weeks to relax the areas treated and although it is effectively a preventative treatment, it can soften existing lines over time.

Treatments are usually required 2-4 times annually to maintain this effect.



Prices from £210

Our skin is remarkable, protecting our bodies from the outside world and repairing itself every day. However, with age, lifestyle and environmental factors, like sun damage, smoking, poor diet and the condition of our skin deteriorates. Refresh, restore, and enhance your skin using the Restylane products range.


Restylane products are designed to help

Treat specific facial areas such as cheeks, mouth/nose folds, lips and around the eyes

Restore volume lost to ageing for a youthful appearance

Refresh and improve the condition of your skin to keep it radiant and hydrated

Enhance shape and definition for a balanced appearance

The broad range of Restylane products helps to provide a treatment program tailored to your individual needs.

How Restylane Works

The Restylane range of products is designed to act like your body’s own naturally produced hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, HA, is a molecule that offers support and structure to our tissues throughout the body, including our skin, protecting it from damage. HA keeps our skin hydrated and firm through its ability to bind water molecules. However, as we age, the natural production of HA by our bodies changes. Our skin can become thinner, dehydrated and less firm, losing its radiance and youthful appearance. The Restylane range utilizes two technologies to stabilize highly pure HA into a gel form that allows it to last long in the skin, smoothing the surface, and providing lift and support where needed.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

A treatment with Restylane does not take long. Depending on the area and indication, it takes approximately 15-45 minutes. A touch-up treatment is sometimes performed approximately two weeks after the initial treatment to optimize the results. Is the treatment painful? Some people may experience the treatment as a mild discomfort. Many Restylane products contain an integrated local anaesthetic, lidocaine, to provide you with a more comfortable treatment experience, and Restylane also comes with special needles for easy skin penetration. You and your clinician may decide whether additional pain relief is needed.

How Long Do the Effects of The Treatment Last?

The results are instant with an effect that can last up to 18 months. As Restylane is a non-permanent injectable product, the effect gradually diminishes with time. In order to maintain the aesthetic result, top-up treatments are recommended. Results may vary depending on treatments areas.

Easy Phytic Peel


Prices from £55 - Course of 4 for £200

The Easy Phytic Peel from Skin Tech is a superficial peel which only takes the most superficial layer of skin away. This peel promotes a slow release of the medication for continuous penetration of the skin. The peel works as an exfoliation technique, promoting stimulation of healthy skin without any signs of exfoliation.


The Procedure Aims to Help

The skin look and feel rejuvenated

Leave the skin looking and feeling fresher and more youthful  

Eliminate the surface layer of skin damaged by sun, smoking or toxins

Smooth the surface around the treated areas

The reduction of surface lines and wrinkles 

The skin look younger and feel smoother, softer and healthier in colour

Reduce the appearance of active acne when used once a week

What To Expect

The procedure takes about 30 minutes. During the procedure the patient will experience a stinging sensation. There may be a slight redness after the treatment that will subside after around 12 hours. The day after the procedure the skin will start to feel smooth, tight and fresh.

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All our botox & filler treatments take place in our purpose built beauty studio at 39 New Bridge Street in Exeter.

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