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Standard and intimate body waxing available.

We use WAX:ONE which has been developed for today’s modern active client.

Wax:one provides a simple, powerfully effective system that quickly gives super smooth results while minimising the risk of ingrown hairs.

Love wax:one for its:
Simple solution& premium quality - one Hot wax, one Strip wax

Low melting and working temperature - gives greater comfort and faster treatment

Flexibility - the wax contours with the body and doesn’t become brittle or snap hairs, therefore reducing the risk of ingrown hairs, and, gives a more comfortable waxing experience.

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Acrylic Extensions & Infills

Extensions, overlays and infills available. Give yourself a luxury salon experience for a competitive price.

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 Shellac & Gel polish

The SHELLAC Brand system delivers 14+ days (longer on acrylic nails) of high-performance wear and crystal shine with zero dry time and no nail damage. The only choice for nail colour!

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Manicures & Pedicures

Classic and luxury foot and hand treatments, using Kaeso, the naturally derived products to assure the highest quality of skin care.

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Sienna X Spray Tan

Natural looking, award winning sunless tan.

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If you are plagued by coarse annoying hairs springing back up as soon as you shave them off, or having to wait until the hairs have grown back with enough length to be able to be waxed again, electrolysis might just be for you.

By using a tiny sterilised disposable needle we apply a small electrical current into each individual hair follicle where we can progressively and precisely destroy the hair and its growth.

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Red Vein Removal

Red veins are often found on the face and legs although can appear on the chest and rib area- front and back. The appearance is that of a very fine network of red wavy lines that lie at very close to the surface of the skin. It can be a minor as one capillary in an isolated area or as extreme as capillaries scattered across a larger area.

The treatment consists of a tiny sterilised disposable needle that is applied lightly to the surface of the capillary, then by applying a heating effect with an electrical current the capillary structure and its contents coagulate (dries up).

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How To Book


All our beauty & nails treatments take place in our purpose built beauty studio at 39 New Bridge Street in Exeter.

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